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    dōnō consulting primarily focuses on fundamental analysis of companies, industries and the macroeconomic environment. In our analysis of corporations, we take a bottom-up and top-down approach, creating research reports and models for equities and fixed income that allow investors optimize their portfolios.

    In addition to our top-quality analysis, having our in-house editor and designer allows us to create thorough and professional research reports on various industries and asset classes, which are market ready. The client only needs to provide an idea, asset or industry that they want to work on and we take care of the rest.

    Equities are valued by primarily using three processes:discounted cash flows, multiples and the dividend discount model. Since each of these approachesand even a minor change in assumptions within the models may lead to varying price forecasts, accurate equities valuation relies on industry expertise and not just number crunching. dōnōconsulting works with specialized data sources, industry experts and client analysts to build pro-rata financial models that are cogent – and valuations that do not merely follow consensus.
Fixed Income
    The price of a fixed income security depends primarily on interest rates and issuer credit quality. The term structure of interest rates helps estimate the reinvestment and price risk of the investor, whileindustry dynamics and demand-supply vicissitudes affect the probability of credit default. dōnō consulting provides detailed multivariable analyses and scoring to create a framework for corporate and secured credit analysis.
    While all macroeconomic models have limited long-term predictive powers, an intuitive scoring model and a quantitative Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model can provide investors with a clear-sighted vision of an economy. From economic risk scoring models that can augment ratings agency data to complex DSGE models, with special emphasis on data visualization, dōnō consulting supports investors, especially private equity firms and global macro funds that intend to invest in emerging and frontier markets.

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