• Quantitative Analytics and
    Predictive Modeling

  • Banking, Financial Services
    and Insurance (BFSI)

  • Marketing and Retail
    Analytics, with an ever-increasing pool of data and advances in econometric tools and computing machinery, is swiftly changing how businesses take decisions. Big data, the culmination of a process that had started with business intelligence and data mining, allows companies to extract practical value from enormous and disparate information. The possibilities of smart decision-making using analytic tools are increasing every day.
    dōnō consulting has the technical knowhow to set up a business intelligence or big data framework. By making use of the latest predictive modeling tools, we analyze and provide solutions to fit individual client requirements in various industries.
    The broad BFSI industry is one of the largest users of analytics, especially in commercial banking and credit cards. Large, technology savvy banks realized the potential of analytic decision-making after observing their colleagues in financial markets. These banks were some of the earliest to adopt analytics in their mainstream decision making process.

    dōnō consulting has the expertise to create models for banks and credit card companies in:

    . Customer Segmentation, Profiling and Credit Scoring

    . Customer Equity and Lifetime Valuation Modeling

    . Pricing and Promotions Optimizations

    . Risk Analytics and Fraud Detection

    Working with actuaries to provide analytic support, dōnō consulting can also help create models for Insurance firms.

    The enormous amount of data generated from scanners in retail environments helped create some of the most creative predictive tools in this industry. While larger players have incorporated such analytics in their regular decision making process, small players have not been able to tap into the potential of quantitative thinking. Analytics is not prohibitively expensive any more and retailers and marketers of all sizes can reach out to the right clients by using the smartest, most tactical techniques. dōnōconsulting helps clients analyze:
    . Retention and Loyalty
    . Product Positioning and Store Choice
    . Churn and Attrition
    . Predicted Sales Value
    Additionally, we create marketing mix analysis that evaluates data from websites, loyalty programs, and multi-channel advertisements to generate a best value proposition for businesses.
    dōnō consulting uses cutting edge econometric tools with granular macroeconomic and real estate fundamentals panel data models to forecast markets performance. From modeling cap rates at the metro level to predicting home prices using the Case Shiller Index, we have extensive market forecasting experience in real estate.

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