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    The last two years have seen multiple successful projects, satisfied clients and fruitful collaborations in all three arenas our engagement. For details on clients in each of our verticals and the work we have done, please click on the links on your left.
Real Estate
    . dōnō consulting has developed a number of research reports and investor presentations for a private equity real estate fund based in Hong Kong . This includes in depth assessments of market potential of Indian real estate with special emphasis on studying the impact of sharp economic growth and recent policy changes; submarket level evaluations of offices and business parks in China and broad macroeconomic studies of South East Asian real estate with a focus on liberalization and the upcoming ASEAN integration.
    . From reverse engineering ratings to creating prepayment, default and loss severity estimates for both residential and commercial mortgage backed securities, we have created and developed multiple quantitative models for a US Fixed Income Hedge Fund.
    . dōnō consulting has worked with a Hong Kong based Real Estate Research and Advisory firm that focuses on Chinese real estate markets research and Hong Kong REITs. Our project included creating a quantitative rating system of real estate markets using residential and commercial property price and rental data.
    . We are closely working to create a real estate analytics start up for Indian markets that will focus on building quantitative models of real estate and predicting home prices using individual home price and rent data. We have created similar analysis for the US real estate sector, using time series data on 65 million home mortgages.
Quantitative Analytics
    . A leading Economic Research Firm brought us in as consultants to predict GDP growth and consequent demand growth in the FMCG sector for the next two quarters for one of India's largest FMCG companies. dōnō consulting created both an ARIMA time series model to predict total real GDP growth rates and simultaneous equation models for sector GDPs that were then rolled up to predict total GDP growth and its effect on consumer goods.
    . We developed a Monte Carlo simulation model for an Indian technology solutions firm to help design a dashboard to study the US insurance billing systems.
    . We helped build a market mix model and simultaneous equation models to study effects of marketing and discounting in an urban slum of an emerging economy for an NGO operated by a leading British university.
Investment Research
    . We are working with the world's largest market research firm and India's securities regulator to create an investor risk tolerance report. Using latest behavioral finance research and multivariate statistical techniques, we are assisting the government to understand the mind of the retail investor.
    . We helped a Mauritius based US and Global Equities Research Group set up an entire research desk in India. We hired a team of research analysts, created a series of research publications, started fundamental analysis of industries and individual stocks, automated a set of technical charts and trained the initial set of employees. The portal is now functional and has hundreds of subscribers for its research.
    . Education is also one of our core areas of expertise. We have co-created courses and recorded lectures for an Australian college on economics, statistics, information technology and management. Our Founder-CEO is a faculty for analytics and finance at a top-10 Indian business school.

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